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Helena (Montana)

The laws of God, the laws of man, 
He may keep that will and can; 
Not I: let God and man decree 
Laws for themselves and not for me; 
And if my ways are not as theirs 
Let them mind their own affairs. 
Their deeds I judge and much condemn, 
Yet when did I make laws for them? 
Please yourselves, say I, and they 
Need only look the other way. 
But no, they will not; they must still 
Wrest their neighbor to their will, 
And make me dance as they desire 
With jail and gallows and hell-fire. 
And how am I to face the odds 
Of man’s bedevilment and God’s? 
I, a stranger and afraid 
In a world I never made. 
They will be master, right or wrong; 
Though both are foolish, both are strong. 
And since, my soul, we cannot fly 
To Saturn nor to Mercury, 
Keep we must, if keep we can, 
These foreign laws of God and man. 


Alfred Edward Housman, The Lost Poems, 1922.


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